Science kits for kids

Mastermind science kits are invented by kids. We collaborate with the VIVITA Creativity Accelerator in Tallinn, Estonia. VIVITA helps to ensure that everything we do is safe and works well.

You can order Mastermind Science Kits directly from our webpage.

If you have an idea what should the next Mastermind Science Kit be about, please tell us about it here.

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"Mastermind Science Kit is my favorite. I did not know that you can make sooo stretchy slime using stuff you can get from any convenience store!"

- Anna, 10 yo

"I made little balls out of Mastermind slime and threw them at my lego figures. I really love football but this slime kit is was super cool."
- Andri, 13 yo

"I never allow my kids to make slime because it ruins my carpets and couch. But if my kids leave Mastermind slime on the floor or couch, it just dries and all surfaces will be still clean afterwards."
- Andres, 43 yo
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